Thoughtfully managing a windfall

Receiving a substantial sum of money presents opportunities, but also challenges. This contradiction extends to the emotions you may feel after a windfall, whether through inheritance, the sale of a business, lottery, divorce or a legal settlement, or even, in many instances, the seminal change of retirement. That’s why it’s important not to rush into anything. As your experienced guide, we give you the time needed to acclimate to your new situation and face crucial decisions with clarity of mind.

Our team has been involved with sudden wealth transitions for over 20 years, with Phil Bailey serving as an early member of the Sudden Money Institute based in Florida.

Sudden wealth events can often create an unsettling range of emotions, opportunities and pitfalls for recipients who are generally going through this process for the first time. Far too often, they discover they are on this ‘rollercoaster’ after the fact, when it’s too late to benefit from experience. Throughout the last two decades we have brought our experience to clients to craft strategies that are designed to go beyond the basics to make your vision a reality.

We have seen a range of unguided and unfortunate sudden wealth outcomes, including but not limited to:

  • Risky business owners uncharacteristically reverting to excessive caution;
  • Major tax missteps costing large amounts of the windfall;
  • Exuberance leading to overextended spending and crushing debt;
  • Recipients who have been victimized by schemers, or locked into poor, risky, and nonliquid investments; and perhaps the most difficult,
  • Emotional gifting to family and friends without understanding the long-term consequences to both their own financial security and to the family member’s or friend’s true well-being.

We fully understand that sudden wealth events require a thoughtful approach to this transition and, along with experience, we can provide deep resources and long-term planning tools. As you go about creating the life you have envisioned, we can help you reflect on the possibilities for your future.

If needed, we can also assist in coordinating a team of professional advisors who put your interests first. The result is a comprehensive financial plan that helps give you the confidence that your goals are within reach.


  • Significant inheritance
  • Sale of a business
  • Sale of real estate or family assets
  • Sale of intellectual property
  • Investments, like an initial public offering
  • Lump-sum retirement payout (e.g., 401(k)/pension rollover)
  • Divorce settlement
  • Insurance or court settlement
  • Lottery windfall
  • Signing a large sports contract or endorsement deal


  • Financial planning/Sudden Wealth Track
    • Customized three-phase planning track
    • Directed planning tools and training
    • Sudden-wealth-focused cash flow, risk, investment, estate planning
    • Family strategies
  • Wealth planning services
    • Wealth and investment management
    • Banking and lending solutions1
    • Risk management/insurance planning
    • Charitable giving strategies
    • Business sales and valuations
    • Cash management

1Lending solutions offered by Raymond James Bank, an affiliate of Raymond James & Associates, Inc. and Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.